Episode 6: Mastering Mixed Use with Developer Mark Toro, of North American Properties

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series: Mastering Mixed Use
Guest host: Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource

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Episode 5: What You Need to Know about Digital ADA Compliance

Guest: Jon Bomberger, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Find out what every shopping center professional needs to know about digital ADA compliance. What does Title III mean for your website and mobile app? What should you do now to make sure you’re compliant?

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Episode 4: Wheels Up! Airport Retail

Guest: Kathy Viola, GM The Wharf, Madison Marquette

Airport Retail has been called the “sixth continent of luxury” by The Economist magazine. We discuss the unique world of Airport shopping with Kathy Viola, the former GM of Retail and Concessions for the Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC and Airport Retail Consultant with AirProjects, Inc. What can shopping centers learn from airports?

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Episode 3: Let’s Get Personal(ized)…

John and Stephanie discuss Personalization – What is it? Why is it important? Plus ideas for helping you get started. “I like my old example of personalization Petticoat Junction, and Mr. Drucker. When you walked into the store he knew what you bought and he said “We’ve got some more of this” or “How about...

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Episode 2: Retail Leasing In The Age of Digital Disruption

Guest: Joe Boehm EVP Retail Leasing, QIC Global Real Estate

With technology disrupting every aspect of retail, from ecommerce, and customer experience to the supply chain; how are these changes impacting retail leasing? What are the biggest challenges for shopping centers today?

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Episode 1: What’s Happening in Retail Technology? More Evolution and Iteration.

Guest: Anne Marie Stephen, Founder and CEO Kwolia and Retail Innovation Lounge

John and Stephanie discuss retail technology with Anne Marie Stephen.

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