Episode 9: Holiday 2020: A Gap Year For Santa?

Part 1 of Holiday 2020 Series

Guests:     John Carter, CEO Parker 3D

Evan Wadsworth, Director of Creative Strategy Parker 3D

It’s July and if you’re in the shopping center business that means it’s time to talk Santa!  With COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the retail world, we’re asking a few key people in the industry, what the Santa experience will look like in 2020.

First stop is John Carter and Evan Wadsworth from Parker 3D, an award winning creator of high impact interactive experiences. And while the elves at Parker 3D have been busy with story lines and alternatives for Santa 2020, we learned that there are generally four perspectives out in shopping center land.

  1. Head in the sand.  Yup, we’ve all been here and some of us still are.  That’s okay, because no one has been down this path before.
  2. Let’s step outside.  Some centers are moving holiday events or extravaganzas outdoors to parking lots or exterior venues.
  3. Let’s get digital.  Replacing the traditional Santa with a digital experience this year.
  4. Safe Santa.  Diehards are seeking ways to maintain a traditional Santa experience in a way that is safe for the kids and Santa himself.

Nothing is final and as we all know things will change between now and November.

Hear what Parker 3D has been seeing and how they are moving into this very unique holiday season.