Episode 7: Mastering Mixed Use with Sam Stein, Development Manager, Strategic Property Partners (SPP), Water Street Tampa

Part 2 of a 3 part series: Mastering Mixed Use

Guest Host: Ajay Kapoor, CEO of TouchSource

Sam Stein, Development Manager shares SPP’s vision for Water Street Tampa, the 56 acre mixed use waterfront community that is changing the face of the city.  Find out the key focus areas critical to ensuring the success of this landmark mixed use project?

Strategic Property Partners

Water Street Tampa

Sparkman Wharf

3:56 No more complicated product than mixed use.

5:00 Focusing on ground plane is a key component for success.

5:45 In general, retail space in Tampa is an afterthought. Typically build a building, save some space and then rent it to the highest bidder.

6:04 Finding more and more that a strong retail base is a key to success.

7:02 it’s really about how you create the best experience for the pedestrian.

8:00 Focused vision on 3 main things: Creating a vibrant retail environment. Prioritizing the public realm. Enhancing health and wellness.

8:58 The real value is creating a place where people want to be.  People need access to outdoor space. They want to feel good and if they do then they stay longer and spend more money.

9:40 Projecting 9 million square feet upon completion.

12:43 we look for opportunities in the future for organic growth. So we try not to over program at the start of the project.

13:40 One of the biggest problems that faces large mixed use developments is that they don’t think about surrounding areas and how to connect with them.

15:29 one of the first things that was done was to break down the blocks to make them more walkable.

16:30 Actively working with Tampa transportation to potentially add some stops and enhance the stops.

17:44 Working toward getting WELL neighborhood certification and would be the first in the world to achieve it.

20:00 A corner of the project was donated to USF to build a medical campus. Thousands of medical students and faculty at the core of the neighborhood.

23:27 1.7 miles of underground piping to help buildings run more efficiently.

24:11 Technology allows us to quickly connect with community.

27:43 Focused on resiliency. No secret that the location is vulnerable with climate changes and rising sea levels.

32:51 It has always been important to the project to not consider this a luxury project. We wanted a diversity in public spaces as well as buildings to have a complete community.

Sam Stein Bio

Sam Stein serves as a Development Manager for Strategic Property Partners, the developer of Water Street Tampa, the 56-acre, mixed-use, waterfront community in downtown Tampa, Fl. He is overseeing the adaptive reuse project known as Sparkman Wharf as well as the neighborhood retail and public realm development as part of the master planning team. This includes all phases of development including zoning, entitlements, design, permitting, construction, leasing, and disposition.

Prior to SPP, Mr. Stein was an Acquisition Manager for Lidl US, LLC where he managed all aspects of the site selection and acquisition process for the grocer’s entry into the US Market. Stein received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University focusing on urban planning and development.