Episode 1: What’s Happening in Retail Technology? More Evolution and Iteration.

John and Stephanie discuss retail technology with Anne Marie Stephen.

In this episode:

1:49 – Shoptalk, CES, NRS review.  First quarter goes quickly.
3:21 – Anne Marie talks about 3 things that she’s learned. 1. People want to meet and connect with others that have similar interests and challenges.  2. Real need to get under the hood and really learn. 3. Nobody wants to be sold to anymore.
4:11 – What are the interesting trends in retail in 2018?
6:50 – Technology is allowing brands to connect in ways that they couldn’t before.
7:24 – Billy Bass turned into Alexa
8:00 – Alexa tells a joke about Billy Bass
8:22 – The future of voice in retail.
9:00 – What are shopping centers and malls seeing for tech in the industry?
9:16 – On demand pop up stores are popular.
11:30 – Duration of leases is a challenge for brick and mortar.
14:00 – b8ta is reinventing what is happening inside stores.
15:00 – Flying Solo, fashion and apparel, 70 designers collaborating under one roof.
17:00 – Customers are wanting community and connections. Authentic experiences.
18:20 – IS there a mindshift in long term lease and flexibility?
20:00 – Leasing challenges are coming from financing.
21:12 – Mayor of New York is proposing legislation that vacant retail property could be imposed a penalty.
25:00 – AR in beauty is relevant.
26:14 – VR can gamify shopping experience.
27:28 – Interview/panel with Sophia the Robot.  Autonomous stores are coming.