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John Dee

Show Host

In the early days of the Internet, I was lucky enough to work at MCI on Vint Cerf’s Internet team where we had a front row seat to a communications revolution. We were pioneering the infrastructure on the “information superhighway”, building the plumbing if you will. We came across lots of ideas and early digital business models, many of them centered around retail.

And years later it still seems like the waves of change just keep coming with greater speed and deeper impact on society as a whole.  

At some point I made the move from the world of Internet plumbing into Internet applications and services. I became fascinated by how people and society interacted digitally, and the impact that was having on retail and commerce.  

Today, I feel lucky to lead an amazing team of professionals at PlaceWise Digital who work hard to contribute in our own modest way to the digital revolution in retail.  

Exploring the ebb and flow of retail in the digital world is what I wake up thinking about every day. And It remains a really fun ride.  

When I’m not thinking retail, I’m probably watching hockey, riding my bike or throwing down some sweet beats as DJ Yahya! I am lucky enough to born and raised in colorful and most awesome Colorado!

Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl

Show Host

I am a former “Mall Rat” and veteran of the Shopping Center and Commercial Real Estate Industries (let’s just leave it at that).

I’m not sure if retail got into my blood at an early age, (I had to have a work permit for my first mall job at Hot Sam’s Pretzels); or if it’s always been part of my DNA. I’ve worked for lots of stores and shopping center owners; from early days as a Sales Associate, and later as a Marketing Director, National Director of Advertising, VP of Digital Strategy, SVP of Industry, and currently as a consultant.

I love retail! The technology, psychology, economics, art, and yes, magic that makes up an amazing retail experience.

What keeps my love alive?  The passionate belief that technology holds at least one of the keys to restoring the eye-popping, jaw dropping, awe inspiring retail experience of the future.

About Our Show

Never ever dull, staid, or “corporate”, Retail Therapy is an entertaining twice-monthly retail industry podcast hosted by John Dee, President of PlaceWise and Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl, “Mar-tech” retail vet, and Consultant.

The 20 minute episodes include conversations with retail industry guests, and feature discussions on the future of shopping, what’s happening with malls, brands and stores – the intersection between bricks & clicks – shopping and technology, customer experience, and other industry news and trends.